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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Why Cleveland is my home and I love it!

Hi Everyone,

If I had a dollar for every time someone asks me- Why do you live in Cleveland?  I would be very wealthy.

First, I was born and raised east of Cleveland and while growing up - I could not wait to leave Cleveland. I heard from everyone growing up that there were far better places to live.  I started working while in College (in Ohio) and met my husband while I was really young (Hello 20!).   I continued to grow my career at the Company, I planned to be at only while in school.    We got married a few years later.  We were not planning to have a kiddo right away but God had other plans. I gave birth to our first child a  year later.

I still had the itch to leave, not that I didn't like Cleveland but I traveled for a living and people kept asking or saying the following:

Cleveland the mistake on the lake
Cleveland has no jobs
Cleveland will not grow
Cleveland is not a technology driven city (my field is technology)

Before having baby girl, We began looking to move to Nashville, TN (Brentwood) area.  We were very close to moving and my Dad got sick - very sick.  It woke me up that I love my family, I love Cleveland, I love life here - why would I let others change my mind about my CITY!

This was 9 years ago and now I am proud to say I am from Cleveland -  I am Cleveland - I live eat and breath my city!

Here are some amazing things that Cleveland has to offer

1.  Diversity - my children are raised with diversity and this is amazing!

2.  The little nooks and crannies to visit - , Rock & Roll hall of fame, Science Center,  President Garfield's home

3.  Schooling is top notch in Ohio -  My kids go to great schools (public) and we have so many great College options - Hello - Baldwin Wallace,  Ohio State, John Carroll, Lake Erie College, ETC
Image result for baldwin wallace
4. Best Health Care world wide-  Duh, Cleveland Clinic
Image result for cleveland clinic logo
5. Cedar Point - People travel from every state and all over the world to visit this amusement park~  Roller Coaster Coast! :)
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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Anxiety Disorder - What people don't talk about?

I have an anxiety disorder and each day I battle with it--- someday's are worse than others.

While others are able to let go and have fun - even in fun situations I am worried about at least 100 other things not related to the task at hand.

There is not a day, I can just relax, watch TV and let the world pass me by.   I cannot sit and relax for more than 20 min before anxiety takes over and I have to do something.

I cry because I can't control things, I cry because I worry about things.

However, I have gotten help for it and I have good and bad days but wish people would understand it is a real disorder.

To hear - I don't know why your upset? I don't know why you are crying?  What is wrong with you?  Why do you feel that way?  Does not help.

I don't wish this on anyone and hope this post helps others with this disorder speak up and feel better!

I am who  I am and I am and anxiety is part of my DNA.  I will overcome it and not be silent about it.

Remember - you can overcome it.  Don't let others tell you differently.

You all can do the same!

Until Next Time - C