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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Girls weekends....why are a Mom.

Girls weekends....why are  a Mom.

I had my first girls weekend in over a year this past weekend and it was something Amazing and I come to realize how important you time is.

Let me explain why?😏

1. Your the chef 👨‍🍳 daily. You cook 3 meals a day for your family
2.  You are the maid, I am
Constantly picking up toys, towels, dropped food daily.
3. Your the nurse/doctor!  For every bump bruise and ouchie you are on call
4.  Your a referee (if you have more than one) I have two and I call them the bickersons ...because they will argue, fight and scream with each other over stupid things and it's trying as a mom and I have to fix it without using profanity 😝!
5.  You have to shop and do laundry or you would starve and walk around in filthy all day!
6. Being a Mom is a Thankless, Trying and amazing job every !

On my girls weekend, there were 5 of us from all different backgrounds and ages but somehow the bond, venting and telling stories were all to similar.  We were able to shop, vent, not be politically correct and just channel the women we were before children.

I came home refreshed, happy, and myself! I haven't been me in so long it was so amazing!

I know vow, to do this twice a year and it's okay to put myself first and I will be doing that from now on!

Until next time, C